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Moka Akashiya Awakened Ver. By GSC

September 30, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Figures


Its been a while since I got Moka, but I finally got around to making a post about her. As you can tell from the title, this figure is of the awakened version of Moka Akashiya from Rosario to Vampire (which I’m currently watching).

I really liked the pose for this figure; you usually find figures that are standing up and doing something with their hands to make it less boring, but you rarely find one like this where the character is cool and sexy at the same time. The second thing I really liked was the dress, the detail is just amazing. Not to mention that it also helps with the cool and sexy look.


Here’s the view from the back. Moka’s hair reminds me of the moon for some reason, maybe because it’s so round…


Moka looks a bit weird without the cross because her dress was made to fall around it, but it makes for an easy fit.


I also really liked the rosary that they included for this figure, it’s not just some cheap piece of plastic. The rosary is actually very well made with hardly any visible seamlines and it’s perfectly symmetric, someting hard to do with an object this small. Unfortunately, I left my Moka close to a magnet so now the second ring on her necklace sticks to those round metal things instead of hanging down.


One downside to this figure (for certain people anyways) is that you can’t see Moka’s undergarments from the side.


However, GSC seems to have compensated for this by making a mirror base instead of a regular plastic one. The reflective surface is pretty far below the transparent material so you end up having a faint reflection along with the reflection from the actual mirror.


Other things to note are the small details that were put into making Moka, like the chain around her left hand. The chain is loose, but it’s just short enough so tat you can’t mess it up (and get frustrated trying to get it back into position). The marks on the cross also give it a bit of texture; a good figure deserves a good base after all, not one of those plain *insert colour here* ones.

Overall I just loved this figure. Moka is beautifully sculpted and the colours and little details make it well worth the money. If only there were more figures like this.

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2 Comments to “Moka Akashiya Awakened Ver. By GSC”

  1. Thanks for this beatiful présentation of thé lovely Moka. This figure is just beatiful I’am happy to had make an review of her. Nice scuulpture, painting and pose ^^ great gift/gsc’works ! You made beautiful picture congratulation!!

  2. I really adore this figure.


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