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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 2

September 28, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine


I had initially thought Nyantype Magazine would be a monthly magazine like Megami, but I guess it’s only being released every few months. That’s not all bad though because that means Nyantype has a wider variety of anime girls to pick from for posters because a volume mght stretch over two seasons.


I really like these posters that ar three sheets long instead of the regular two sheets, especially if they’re dakimakura material (it looks less creepy if you have a poster of a girl on a bed rather than a pillow of a girl on a bed).


These longer posters also allow for full-body shots, like this one of Yuki.


I haven’t gotten around to watching Strike Witches (aka the girls in panties show), but it’s on my list. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to get through my list by the end of December.


Loli material seems to pop up a lot in these kinds of magazines. I wonder how many people buy Nyantype just for posters like this one.


This poster of the Juuden girls is really really tempting. Kinda wish that tail-like thing wasn’t covering up Plug’s oppai.


So which would you prefer, Saki or Nodoka?


There seems to be qute a bit of Horo in both Nyantype and Megami magazine, I wonder how many times she has appeared naked. More importantly, I wonder if anyone is ever going to give her the wolf whistle in Spice and Wolf, that’d be hilarious.


I’ve been falling behind on Canaan since I found out I’d be moving. Does she actually wear that dress in the anime?


No bishoujo magazine would be complete without the obligatory girls in swimsuits at the beach.


Did anyone else notice that although everyone else in this poster is in their school uniforms, the girl at the back is in a pink swimsuit? I guess it’s just more fanservice for the lolicons out there.


An almost upskirt shot, Nyantype Magazine sure likes to tease its readers.


This poster deserves more (ie: a background), it looks like the people at Nyantype Magazine got a bit lazy here, or they just don’t like Valkyria Chronicles.


Here’s some more obligatory girls in swimsuits at the beach. Thinking I should watch Umi Monogatari sometime.


I still think Queen’s Blade should be classified as H-anime rather than regular anime, but hey, it gives another excuse in case your wife/girlfriend catches you watching it.


I liked the cute character designs in Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou, but the anime itself was lacking in almost everything else.


Girls playing baseball… not really my thing.


I wonder how many times Eve’s clothing gets shredded up like this. NEEDLESS sure knows how to appeal to its fanbase.


Princess Lover also knows how to appeal to its fans. How often do you catch a princess in the middle of changing.


Yay for Haruhi! I think they were trying to spell “tsundere” here but they forgot the S. I’m also a bit confused as to what the “dream comes” means.


Is it just me or is Mikuru’s waist thinner than her face?


I think Nagato should’ve done more to get out of that endless eight crap.


As if anyone could forget, the Nanoha movie is still to be released.  It seems both Megami and Nyantype Magazine are getting fans hyped up for it.


I’m not sure what Sora no Otoshimono is about, but those angels (if they are angels) are wearing some pretty risky clothing there.


Drei >>>>> Cal (even though it’s the same person)


Apparently you can get an exclusive neck pillow in te shape of Yoshika’s thighs only by getting a code from Nyantype Magazine. Well, I won’t be gtting this so I guess whoever wants can use my code.


Lots of beautiful figures here. I didn’t know they were making one of Plug, I might consider getting one depending on how the finished product looks. I’ll also be getting that figure of Nanoha by Alter.


I’m not sure what you would call this, but it’s a plasticy sheet that stuck into the magazine. This side features Nagi, Hinagiku, and Ayumu from Hayate no Gotoku.


On the other side of the sheet are the girls from K-ON.


Also included in the magazine is this little preview of a Nanoha spin-off manga series.


I don’t really understand what’s going on since I can’t read Japanese, but it certainly is revealing…


The main character’s also pretty cool, he has a mini gunblade!


And that’s pretty much it for this volume. I didn’t have any particular favourites in terms of posters since none of them really stood out for me. The only thing that really bothered me was the plain white background for the Valkyria Chronicles poster.

Like the last Megami Magazine, Nyantype has also included a double Nanoha poster. Personally I like the first side better, but I was tempted to put the second side up on my wall (it’s missing Fate):



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2 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 2”

  1. I personally dont know why Nyantype isnt monthly. I have watched Strike Witches and I like it. Also I like the Nanoha posters included in the magazine.

  2. Quezacoatl says:

    It does say ‘tsundere’, it’s common to leave the ‘s’ out because of the row ta-ti(chi)-tu(tsu)-te-to.

    Nice scans :)


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