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Megami Magazine Vol. 112

September 17, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


This volume of Megami Magazine is probably one of the thicker ones that I’ve gotten considering all the freebies that came with it. But as always, lets take a look at the posters first :)


When you’ve got an anime with girls that are always running (or swimming) around in very revealing swimwear, you know they’re going to show up in Megami Magazine sooner or later. That’s certainly the case with Umi Monogatari.


This is a really reall adorable poster of Azu-nyan ^.^ I wish there was a bigger version somewhere.


Even if the girls from an anime aren’t normally in swimwear, Megami Magazine does the favour of putting them in some for us. Canaan looks pretty confused though, I guess anyone would be if they were suddenly put in a swimsuit and found themselves on a beach.


The chair is becoming even worse of an enemy than steam and fog.


Personally, I don’t like it when characters are drawn with red circles on their cheeks, it just looks weird to me. Does anyone else think so too?


On the other hand, red blush doesn’t bother me at all.



I haven’t seen Sengoku Basara, but maybe I should watch it. The character designs certainly look interesting.


When a figure of Plug comes out, I hope it’s in this position ^.^


Plug in a bathtub would be nice too.


Sometimes you have to wonder what the girls in these posters are doing. What kind of situation would involve 3 nearly-naked girls in the bathroom with two girls seemingly feeling up the third.


I think the only reason Ein and Zwei in Phantom ~Requiem For The Phantom~ were pretending to be high school students was so they could show some schoolgirls in the anime. Of coure, now we get to see Drei as a shoolgirl too.


Basquash is also one of those anime I haven’t gotten arond to.


Lolis in swimsuits anyone?


Or maybe you prefer no swimsuits at all.


I haven’t seen any new Yami to Boushi no Hon no Tabibito stuff in a long time. That anime had some good character designs too.


I didn’t really like Kurokami, but with posters like this, it can’t be all bad.


I actually liked the animation in GA, but the anime itself bored me out of my mind. It seems more like something kids would watch.


The girl on the left has a really nice figure for someone so short…


Another Kowarekake no Orgol poster.


Although the posters are the main selling point of Megami Magazine, there was some nice artwork in the magazine itself too. I just love Haruhi in that dress, and look, there are DVD boxsets for Kanokon and Zero no Tsukaima now.


Still waiting for the Nanoha movie to come out, it’s going to be so good!


Just had to show this, love the cat ears and tail.


 Here’s the adorable pic of Azu-nyan again, this time alongside her seiyuu, who’s also pretty cute.


I wonder how many girls change rooms/locker rooms have been shown in this magazine over the years.


 Can’t wait for To Aru Kagaku no Railgun to start up, then I get to see more of Kuroko <3


This page really shocked me, mainly because it’s not animated! But just because it’s not animated doesn’t mean it’s not good, I know I’d like to have my desserts brought to me on a naked girl.


All of these Weib Schwrz ads are starting to make me want to get a deck, I guess ads really do work.


For any other Umineko fans out there, the first DVD will be out this october.

This volume had quite a few freebies that came along with it.


First off is a Nanoha drama CD. I still haven’t listened to it, but I probably wouldn’t understand anything since I don’t know Japanese.


The next freebie was a Weib Schwarz card based on the first Nanoha movie.


There’s also a CD Jacket included so you don’t have to label your new Nanoha CD.


This also came with the magazine. I think the artwork on the cover looks a bit weird, but the actual comic itself is drawn pretty well.


And of course, there’s the large poster that comes with most Megami Magazine volumes. This time around both sides are from Nanoha. The first side is for the movie, and the other side is for the new Nanoha game.



I really liked this volume of Megami Magazine, it had quite a bit of Nanoha stuff which is always welcome. Out of all the posters, I’d have to say that Azu-nyan was my favourite, hopeflly there will be more of her in the future.

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  1. I like the double Nanoha Movie A4 poster.
    Its really cool.


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