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Animethon 16

August 09, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Anime, Announcements


I’m finally back from spending the weekend at the 16th annual Animethon here in Edmonton, Canada. It seeems like every year there’s more and more vendors in the vendor hall, which probably explains why this year was the most expensive for me. I spent over $300 this time and bought what you see below:


Most of my money was spent on manga. I bought Nadesico Vol. 1-4, Pastel Vol. 1-10, Fruits Basket Vol. 23, Chibi Vampire Vol. 13, Mamotte Shugogetten Vol. 5, and a whole bunch of Tsubasa Chronicle manga. I also managed to get a copy of the Nadesico: Prince of Darkness DVD (which is near impossible to find around here) and poster. I got Disgaea 3 for the PS3 and a Prinny plush from a games vendor. The prinny was a bit expensive at $30, but considering you normally have to get it by buying a certain game for the psp, I thought it was worth the price. The CCS poster wasn’t originally on my buy list when I saw it, but I’m glad I decided to get it. Most of the posters at the convention were of Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, or Final Fantasy (the common stuff), so older series like CCS are getting harder to find.

I had planned on getting some figures as well, but by the time I finished looking at manga, all the good ones had already been taken. The only figures left were either way over-priced, or cheap bootlegs. I also saw a place selling some dakimakuras, but I was too embarrassed to actually go take a look (I know, I fail as an otaku). I did, however, see a 13-15 year old kid browsing through some H-doujin (I don’t think his parents knew what was in that box).

Anyways, on to the convention itself; this is what the lineup for the vendor’s hall looked like on saturday morning:


In the past, vendors sold their stuff in a gym, but now they’re in the underground parkade where there’s more room. Unfortunately, with so many people down there it gets a bit stuffy.


While I was waiting in line, I got a pic of Mario and Luigi.


I also got a shot of Domo-kun, who was looking for the back of the line.


Spotted a couple of Vocaloids advertising for the Bellerose Festival which will take place in October. I’m thinking of going this year, has anyone else gone before?


Found a guy dressed up as Battler from Umineko no Naku Koro ni and a girll dressed up as the ever-popular Mio from K-ON.


These three ladies had some nice costumes. I’m not sure who they’re supposed to be though. My hands were pretty full with my loot so I didn’t get many more pictures of cosplayers.

Some of the entries for the AMV contest this year were pretty good. My favourite AMV was “Cirque du Kaliedo” by Roll the Stampede, which you can get off of

I missed part of the cosplay contest to get lunch, but I thought the skits that I did see were a lot better than performances in previous years. I guess forcing contestants to actually perform something is better than letting everyone and anyone just go on stage and do a twirl then walk off stage like they did before. My pictures of the contest didn’t turn out great, but I did record a short clip of one of the performances:


Although the AMV and cosplay contests were the two main things I wanted to see, I wish they hadn’t scheduled the “Name That Tune” panel at the same time. Oh well, it was still fun and hopefully I’ll be able to attend next year too ^.^

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7 Comments to “Animethon 16”

  1. aha, that was totally me and my friend (battler and mio)
    I am glad at least a few people recognized my costume XD

  2. oh, about the bellerose festival, I’ve been there for the last 2 years

  3. Hey, this is a pretty nifty blog!

    My friend and I were the ones dressed up as Battler and Mio.
    Battler was pretty excited that at least one person recognized who he was haha.

  4. @Keegan & @tammy: Wow, I didn’t expect anyone to actually find my blog. I really liked your costumes, maybe we’ll run into each other again at Bellerose :)

  5. TehHEH! says:

    how much did they sell manga there? was it cheaper than the list price?

  6. @TehHEH!:
    The cheapest I remember seeing was $2/manga. Some stores sell at list price, but I found most of them went down to $5/manga.

  7. AH, kay. that sounds affordable. XD i think i will bring350$ do spend in total, so i will be good.


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