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Dengeki G’s Magazine 2009-08

August 08, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Dengeki G's Magazine


This is the first time I’ve gotten an issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine, which I recently subscribed for. My main reason for deciding to get it was because of the goodies which I heard came with the magazine. The August 2009 issue comes with a small Tsukihime figure.


The figure is packaged in a small carboard box to keep from damaging it. Both the box and magazine were originally placed inside a plastic bag.


Unfortunately, cheap figures like these require some assembly.


This is what the assembled figure looks like. The quality is nowhere near as good as figures that you buy separately, but it’s pretty impressive for something that comes with a 990 yen magazine. It doesn’t stand very tall at about 10cm, and it’s pretty light since there wasn’t much material used.


Most of Dengeki G’s Magazine covers visual novels, so naturally they’d have stuff like Angel Beats in there.


It looks like the figure that I got is a part of a set of three. I kinda like the one on the bottom of the right page.


There’s also a section in the magazine devoted to hot anime girls of the summer 2009 season, something I’m sure many people would enjoy.


First in the lineup of anime girls is the wheat goddess Horo from Spice and Wolf II.


Canaan and Alphard from CANAAN show off their cool poses and guns.


I wonder what kind of things Battler is teaching Maria…


Haven’t seen Taisho Yakyuu Musume, can anyone tell me if it’s any good?


I didn’t think the plot for Shuffle was anything great, but I loved the character designs, especially Kaede. It looks like there’s a new Shuffle game called Shuffle Essence+, and of course that means more images ^.^


From what’s shown here, it looks like all the old cast will be back along with a couple new characters.


Lots of goodies for sale. I want that Mio poster on the bottom right of the left page.


Weib Schwarz seems to be advertising everywhere. They’ve included a free card in this issue of Dengeki G’s.


There’s a new Higurashi game for the DS, I hope it’s good ^.^

Dengeki G’s magazine certainly looks like it’d be appropriate for anyone who’s into playing visual novels and eroge. Personally, I’m just getting it for the extras and to flip through some game CGs.

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4 Comments to “Dengeki G’s Magazine 2009-08”

  1. I like to view the girl designs. Thanks for posting the pics. Are you suscribed for 1 year??

  2. Yep, I got a subscription for a year.

  3. Excuse me, could I ask where you purchased your subscription?

  4. You can subscribe to Dengeki G’s Magazine here.


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