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Megami Magazine Vol. 111

August 06, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


There were lots of yummy posters in this volume of Megami Magazine, and some nice extras too. As always, here’s a look at what posters they have in this volume:


First up is the wise wolf Horo in an enticing pose on the bed. Personally, I think the colour of her ears and tail make her look more like a fox than a wolf.


Not sure what anime this is from.


Saki posters are always nice to look at.


Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo posters are also welcome any time. Having the girls in chinese dresses is a plus.


Canaan looks pretty good, but I still have no clue what’s going on.


I’m sure lolicons would enjoy this anime. It was too “cute” for me.


I like the girl with the leaf bikini, the the one to the right of her is freaking scary.


Princess Lover = harem + fanservice, a combination I’m starting to grow tired of in anime, but it makes for nice posters like this one.


It’s almost as if she’s deliberately showing everyone her panties. Seriously, how many people actually bend over like that to take a drink of water.


What I don’t get about Umi Monogatari is if these people live in the ocean, why do they have feet, wouldn’t it make more sense to have flippers? Anyways, its got nice artwork and I like the character designs ^.^


Anyone with a megane fetish would probably like this poster.


I didn’t think Rika was the type to wear ichigo panties, she’s always so serious.


This is probably the most risqué picture I’ve seen in Megami Magazine. You can actually see part of Plug’s nipple >.>



Poor Zwei, little does he know that the two women that he cares for the most have dumped him for each other.


I like the older version of Mashiro, but the loli version is kinda cute too.


Here’s more loli material in the form of a blue-haired robot.

 I was quiet surprised at how much they decided to expose in this  volume (the Juuden-chan and Spice and Wolf posters), but hey, with the new Nyantype Magazine out they’ve got to step up the service. I guess we’ll be expecting some more skin in the future.

Some of the images for upcoming (or I guess past) DVD releases and newer series were also really nice.


More Tayutama on Blu-Ray and DVD.


The first Phantom DVD is also out now.


I’d like to see someone cosplay as Plug from Fight! Ippatsu Juuden-chan just to see what they’d look like in that suit.


I still haven’t gotten around to watching Hayate no Gotoku 2. It looks like I’ll have to watch it all in one go like with the first one.


I haven’t seen anything on Kanokon for a while. Chizuru looks the same as always.


Lelouch certainly did manage to obtain an impressive harem.


Girls, magic, and panties; that should sum up Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou pretty well.


Needless is the perfect anime for adolescent boys. It’s got cool heroes, some fight scenes, and bouncing boobs galore.


Kara no Kyoukai is another one of those anime that I still haven’t gotten around to watching.


This little plush toy of Horo really creeps me out. Is this even on anyone’s want list?


One of the extras that came in the volume was this K-ON pencil board. Unfortunately mine’s stuck to the magazine and I’m afraid I might rip out some pages if I try to pull it out.


On the other side of the pencil board is the evangelion image from the front cover.


The other extra that I got was this little K-ON booklet. Here’s a little peek at the contents:





I didn’t know the K-ON club had so many releases already. I wonder if any of these CDs are still available.


That’s it for this volume of Megami Magazine. I thought there was a noticeable change in this one compared to previous volumes. The posters seemed more fanservicey than usual, and there was a pencil board AND booklet included with the magazine (it’s usually one or the other). Hopefully there will be even more extras in the future ^.^

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4 Comments to “Megami Magazine Vol. 111”

  1. I like the headphones that blue-haired robot girl is wearing. As for the girl bending over to show her panties… its not just how she’s bending over, but the skirt is so short is barely covers her ass…

  2. @Maru:
    Nice, the giant plug is hilarious.


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