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E2 Girls Girls Girls! 3

June 21, 2009 By: Nopy Category: E☆2 (Etsu)


Along with E2’s (Etsu’s) Girls Girls Girls! volume 2 illustration collection, I also bought the volume 3 illustration collection. This volume focuses on the cover girls of all the E2 Magazines from volumes 1-16, the poster girls from volumes 1-15, and the pick-up girls from volumes 1-7.


On the inside cover is another illustration of the same waitress girl on the front cover, but with different coloured clothing and background. The illustration was done by artist Tony Taka, who seems to have quite a few of his works published in E2 Magazine. If anyone out there think this girl looks familiar, it’s because Tony Taka did the character designs for “Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro”, which you might have seen. You can see the similarities in the screenshot below (especially in the eyes and face):


The book also features other artists that regularly appear in E2 Magazine. Here is an illustration done by Aoi Nishimata, who worked on the character designs for SHUFFLE!, Tick Tack!, and Really? Really! I guess that’s why all of her works remind me of Kaede, Asa, Nerine, Sia, and Primula ^.^


This illustration was done by Misakura Nankotsu. I like the school uniforms that the girls are wearing, it reminds me of School Rumble. In case you can’t read the text behind them, it says “Kumanozawa Foolish Sisters”.


Carnelian’s work seems to always have very large oppai, if you don’t believe me just look up “Kao no Nai Tsuki” (“Moonlight Lady”) or “Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabibito”, note that both are NSFW.


Another illustration by Tony Taka. What I like about his works are the soft faces that his characters have.


Can anyone who reads kanji tell me the name of this artist:


Tinkle’s work is also very well-known, and you can probably tell why from the illustration below. All the detail put into all the frilly clothing really makes their art stand out. There was also another one of their works on the adjacent page, but with bare oppai showing, I thought it best not to post it here.


A girl in a white dress with a pink umbrella taking a stroll through the woods. Sounds like a picture-perfect scene, and Aoi Kimizuka portrayed it very well here.


I really like this illustration done my Kantoku. He also does quite a few illustrations of popular anime characters.


Another work my Tinkle. Notice the frilly clothing.


Somehow pink hair and green eyes seem to fit perfectly when drawn anime/manga style, but look so weird in real life.


This fox-girl was done by Hiro Suzuhira, who also worked on the character designs for SHUFFLE! alongside Aoi Nishimata. It looks like Suzuhira provides a little  more fanservice with a bit of panty flashing :)


Here’s another work by Hira Suzuhira that I just loved. The detail in this illustration is amazing, especially the little flowers on the girl’s fingernails.


Once again I can’t read the name of this artist, but I like the art style.


Here’s another piece by Misakura Nankotsu, this time there’s no school uniforms. I wonder how often you’d find a girl lying on the floor in her underwear and smiling at you.


This girl reminds me of Nunnaly from Code Geass, drawn by Aoi Kimizuka:


More of Tony’s work. I think he likes tall, slim girls with brown hair.


This one looks really nice, but a bit scary at the same time.


Cute nekomimi girl by Teinkuru.


And at the last section of the book are the E2 pick-up girls:


Back cover:


Like the second volume of the Girls Girls Girls! illustration collection, this one was definitely worth the buy. The book contains 103 pages with over 70 illustrations, some of which span two pages. I’m really looking forward to the 4th volume now ^.^

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6 Comments to “E2 Girls Girls Girls! 3”

  1. Thanks for sharing the pics. Where did you bought this collection??

  2. @phossil:
    I bought it at, they have pretty good service and fast shipping.

  3. I started recenlty to buy artbooks. I am waiting for their reception (“Wild Flower” Shunya Yamashita, “Tsubasa Reproduction 2″ Clamp and “Duell Dolls” Tinkle). I love the last illustrator, and his illustrations in this artbook are just cute (I prefer the second). I like too 17,32 and 55 ^^

  4. @Leonia:
    I love Tinkle’s illustrations too, they’re all so beautiful.

  5. nankotsufangirl says:

    u know the artist that did the picture of the girl with the kimono and the bow in her hair. i’m pretty sure the artist’s name is Tenmu Shinryuusai.

  6. @nankotsufangirl:
    Thanks so much for identifying the artist. I really appreciate it ^.^


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