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Megami Magazine Creators Vol. 15

June 14, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Megami Magazine


It’s a bit late, but here’s a look at volume 15 of Megami Magazine which features a lot of very nice art as expected, but with a bit more pantsu and mecha musume than usual.


They always seem to put the most colourful work on the inside cover of each volume.



I really like this artist’s work. The girl on the top left looks so cute and the flying mouse is so cool ^.^


An almost panty shot? If you take a closer look at this drawing and think about it, if that girl were standing up, her skirt probably wouldn’t be long enough to cover her undies.


This one really reminds me of Pleinair from Disgaea. I think it’s the combination of the light blue shoulder-length hair and white shirt.


I remember this girl was in a pin-up poster from an older volume of Megami Magazine. I actually still have the poster on my wall.



It’s not hard to guess what these two girls were up to all night. Just take a look at what the blonde girl is holding (notice the vibration lines).


Nekomimi are always welcome in my collection :)

Of course, pantsu are welcome too, especially shimapan (striped pantsu):




There was also a page full of mecha musume, which I really liked. Exelica is so cute ^.^


Now, I’ve heard of tentacle raep, but snakes? That’s completely new to me, I wonder if they’re poisonous.


Once again, as with the previous Megami Creators volumes, the back cover features more Fortune Arterial. I hope an english version of this game comes out in the future, all this hype over it is making me curious.


The extra this time came in the form of a small mecha-musume-themed calendar instead of a B2 size poster.





I really liked all of the mecha musume in the calendar, but considering I already have a few calendars, I would’ve preferred something else.

Besides the inside cover, and the Pleinair look-alike, I thought some of the works in this volume were a bit bland. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all very good pieces of art, but I just wish some of them used some more vibrant colours. Otherwise, I think this would make a nice addition to my Megami Magazine collection.

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