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Nyantype Magazine Vol. 1

June 07, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Nyantype Magazine


After much searching and some waiting, I was able to get a hold on a copy of Nyantype Magazine volume 1 (unfortunately, it’s a bit damaged from shipping). Since it is the first volume I guess a lot of people wanted it to see is it was any good, making it really hard for me to find. Much like Megami Magazine (it’s actually a near carbon copy), Nyantype has a number of pinup posters at the front and back of the magazine with info on anime, games, and figures in between. To start off,  here are all the pinup posters included in the magazine:


I’m sure anyone out there with a foot fetish would live this Haruhi poster.


This one of Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki really looks like it would make a good dakimura. Maybe they’ve already made one.


Out of all the new characters in Nanoha Strikers, the only one I actually liked  was Teana.




I’m sure there’s many guys out there who would swap “guns” with Yoko right now.




I really like the character designs for Tayutama, but I just couldn’t stand the story. Oh well, I’ll just have to enjoy posters like this one instead :)




It always seems like Ein is being molested by someone.


Rin, Kuro, and Mimi from pedo anime Kodomo no Jikan also make an appearance. It’s scary to think that Mimi is only in elementary school…


The dreaded steam/fog commonly found in Megami Magazine also seems to have infected Nyantype magazine.


Ako (left) and Riko (right) seem to have gone back to their panty-flashing ways after an encounter with some slimy tentacles.


I always thought Riannon was an innocent looking girl, but looks can be deceiving, just look where her left hand is.


If the proportion of cute girls in Valkyria Chronicles was actually representative of the military, I’d sign up in an instant.


Out of all the pinup posters, I’d say my favourite is the Tayutama one even though I don’t watch the anime. The one with Haruhi, Mikuru, and Yuki in bed was also nice.

Like Megami Magazine, Nyantype Magazine also has news on popular anime and anything anime related:


On the first pages of the magazine is an ad for Yoko’s (Gurren Lagann) new single “Pieces of Sweet Stars” which was released on May 27. The single comes with some nice Yoko pics and a music video which you can see on youtube.


Of course, any magazine that focues on bishoujo characters must include Nanoha. Still waiting for the new movie to come out.


There’s also a short section in the magazine that lists all the new upcoming anime for summer 2009. Canaan looks pretty good so I’ll be looking forward to that.


Another similarity between Nyantype and Megami is these little manga inserts.


One thing that Nyantype has included that isn’t in Megami are these non-poster full-page images. It’d be a bit hard to cut these ones out to stick on your wall, but they’re still nice to look at.



Near the end of the magazine is also a section devoted to bishoujo games.


At the very back is something that regular readers of Megami Magazine would be familiar with by now: Weib Schwarz trading cards ads.


This volume came with a free card of the adult version of Nanoha.


The back of Nyantype Magazine just has some ads for Minami-ke and Tora Dora.

Overall, I thought Nyantype Magazine was worth the $15+shipping, but I think Megami Magazine is just a bit better. Why you ask? Althought Nyantype Magazine is almost an exact copy of Megami Magazine, there is one big difference: it has no size B2 poster included. I know a lot of people get these magazines for the posters, and when it comes to posters, the bigger the better.

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4 Comments to “Nyantype Magazine Vol. 1”

  1. Hey! I also managed to get a copy! Is it really that hard to get? I only got it because there was there a huge stack of it at the local kino here and noticed it had that nanoha card

  2. None of the local stores sell it so I had to look online, and most of those stores had already sold out when I ordered it.

  3. Interesting how nyantype kind of merges megami magazine and newtype magazine (well, at least a little bit in the name..^^)

    I enjoy nanoha cover in the first volume of nyantype mag..

  4. a better name should have been moetype!


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