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Nendoroid School Life Playset

April 29, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Figures, Other Stuff


So I’m not really sure why I got the nendoroid school life playsets by Phat company. I guess it was because I have so many nendoroids and thought some of them might look better with some nendo-sized things around.


There are two parts to the school life playset, part A and part B, which are sold separately. Each of the parts comes with it’s own desk and chair, some little accessories, and part of a classroom. Part A shown here contains a laptop, baseball bat (would be perfect if I had Higurashi nendos), an open book, a pen, yakisoba bread, juice box, chalk, and blackboard eraser (which happens to be too big to fit on the blackboard). It also contains the left side or window side of the classroom.


Here’s what part A looks like after putting it together. The laptop is foldable.


Part B contains a computer (complete with monitor, keyboard, and mouse), juice box, sandwich, and a pen. This side has the entrace to the classroom with doors that actually slide open and closed.


This is what both parts A and B look like when they’re put together. If you buy another set, you can actually connect that on top of this one to have two classroom, one on top of the other.


Of course, a nendoroid playset just wouldn’t be a nendoroid playset without some nendoroids in it.


I liked all the little accessories that came with the playsets, but as you can see from the two pictures above, there isn’t really much room for the nendoroids themselves. If you only bought one part you would only be able to fit 2 nendoroids in there at most. Other than the lack of space within the playset, I thought it was a cute little thing to have if you like playing with your nendoroids.

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6 Comments to “Nendoroid School Life Playset”

  1. Oh my gosh! This looks kawaii! Know where I can find one???

  2. @Makena:
    I’m sure some online figure stores still sell it.

  3. the playset b is the room from haruhi??

  4. @eckotaku:
    It resembles the club room from Haruhi, but I think that’s just a coincidence.

  5. These play sets look nice! I have a small question, in both playsets, are the blackboards/notice boards removable or are they glued permanently to the walls?

  6. @mizu:
    They are removeable, but if you remove them, you’ll have holes in the walls because that’s where the pegs go.


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