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Kaito Nendoroid

February 26, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Figures


Recently I received my Kaito nendoroid in the mail. Kaito is one of the less popular vocaloids, but personally I think his voice is better and more realistic than Miku’s. If you don’t believe me, just look up some songs on youtube.


As with all nendoroids, Kaito somes with several interchangeable pieces to allow for multiple poses. My favourite piece is Kaito’s scarf, he just wouldn’t be Kaito without it.


The shoulders are designed so that the scarf can be placed either way. It seems like GSC is trying to increase the number of poses that their nendoroids can have. Most of the earlier nendoroids were only able to turn their bodies a bit and move their arms up and down.


One of the differences I found with the Kaito nendoroid compared to the other vocaloid nendoroids is that you don’t have to remove his headset to swap faces. Instead of having the headset as a separate piece that fits into the head after the face is in place, it’s actually a part of the hair, making it easier to change pieces.

Kaito comes with two extra right arms. One of which faces more outwards and can either have a fist or open hand at the end.


The other right arm is closer to the body and is meant to hold Kaito’s popsicle. Somehow it doesn’t seem right to be wearing a scarf and eating a popsicle at the same time though.


Although Kaito doesn’t come with a microphone, Rin’s mic fits perfectly well into his hands. I hope that future nendoroids will also be able to carry items from other nendoroids.


Another part of the design that I liked was the stand. Like the other vocaloids, Kaito can stand by himself, but is still unstable. One of the problems I had with my other nendoroids is that you have this big piece of plastic holding the figure up. In Kaito’s case you don’t really see the stand because it’s hidden pretty well underneath his coat:


It may just be that Kaito has a long coat so GSC was able to hide the stand, but I hope they can find other ways to hide it for other nendoroids that don’t have such long clothing.

Kaito did come with a 3rd face, but unfortunately I left the figure on the floor after I opened the package and before I knew it my dog had stolen a face. By the time I got it back, it already had several bite marks over it. The moral of the story: don’t leave figures on the ground. Even if you don’t have a pet, you might accidently step on it, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Other than GSC’s attempts at improving the displayability (is that even a word?) of this figure, there wasn’t anything especially fancy. His hair was pretty plain and his clothes just had some stripes painted on, but still nice to look at. Overall and average figure, meant for Kaito fans or people looking to expand their vocaloid collections.

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8 Comments to “Kaito Nendoroid”

  1. Oh my gosh, so cute!
    Does anyone know where I can get a Kaito Nendoroid?
    I’ve been looking for them all over, and they’re all sold out!
    If anyone can help me find one, that would be great!

  2. help me also ~_~ i want to have all the VOCALOID’s nendoroid version :(.. but i don’t know where to buy one huhuhu

  3. Sorry, but I don’t know of any stores that still have the Kaito nendoroid in stock.

  4. KAITO is adorable. You can find the nendoroid of him on ebay. Its so cheap its not even funny. Im getting mine later.

  5. @makena:
    Make sure it’s from a reputable seller. There are quite a few fake nendoroids being sold on ebay.

  6. I am sorry for coming back to the blog so late… anyway the kaito nendoroid is from a reputable seller. I went back to make sure before I bought it. I hope it’s not as crappy as my fake kagamikku. She always falls apart evry time i put her in her safe little pouch thingy that I made…. I ABSOLUTETLY HATE IT!!! But at least she can stand on her own two feet…

  7. @Makena:
    Good to hear that you were able to get a Kaito nendoroid too :)

  8. HEY??? Did anyone find kaito on ebay yet? If so… i’m happy for you!


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