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Kagamine Twins Nendoroids

February 09, 2009 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Rin and Len Kagamine are the two latest additions to my figure collection. Pretty soon I’m going to have more nendoroids than regular figures.


As many of you already know, Rin and Len are twins from the Vocaloid series, a program that you can use to create anime-like music.


Since Rin and Len are twins, their makers decided to give them the same face. That’s great for nendoroids because each figure comes with 3 faces and you normally can’t swap them between figures, but with these two you can, allowing for 6 possible faces.


Like the Miku nendoroid, Rin and Len can stand on their own, but aren’t very stable. I accidently knocked my desk and they both fell over so I decided to use the stands that they came with.


I’m not sure why, but you can remove Rin’s bow on top of her head and the top part of Len’s hair. I’m guessing it’s so people won’t have to worry about breaking those parts off if the head gets stuck or something and they need to pull really hard.


When I opened the boxes for the first time and looked through the contents, I thought I might’ve been gipped because with each box was a face piece but with no face on it. A quick search online revealed that they were supposed to come with a blank face so that you could make your own custom face with the stickers provided. After closer inspection of the boxes I found the stickers taped to the back of the inner cardboard piece. It’s a good thing I don’t throw out my boxes or I would’ve lost these for good.



Now that’s 3 vocaloids down, Kaito should be coming in the mail soon and I hope Good Smile Company makes nendoroids of Meiko and Luka soon :)

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13 Comments to “Kagamine Twins Nendoroids”

  1. Nice you got both twins at the same time.

  2. LOL I didn’t realize those stickers were there!

  3. same with these one :D where to buy? where to buy? hehe~

  4. @Paoro~:
    I couldn’t find the Rin nendoroid, but there’s a store with Len in stock:

  5. Whoa…. How did you find those? I can’t find Rin or Len nendoroids anywhere!!! I lokked on google images and sa pictures though. All the nendoroids I have now are Miyuki Takara, Konata Izumi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi, and Akira Kogami (all from the anime Lucky Star) And Then I have the MIKKU MIKU KAGAMI nendoroid. I have a Miku Hachune soft And a Miku Hatsune soft. THINK OF HOW MUCH I WANT RIN AND LEN!!!

  6. @Makena:
    I preordered them before they were released. I’m not sure if you can still get them now.

  7. They have Rin and Len nendoroids… but why not Gakupo Kamui, Gumi Megpoid, Mikuo Hatsune, Prima, Juon Kiku, Honne Dell… or anyone else?
    Oh.. and p.s. Nopy!!! I found both twin nendoroids on!!! SUPER CHEAP!!!

  8. I should go on ebay… and why don’t they have Gackpoid or anyone else?! I don’t think that’s fair. Gackpo rocks my world with his version of the disappearance of gackpo. (sorry 4 gettin of topic!!!)

  9. I guess it really depends on the demand and whether or not the guys at GSC want to make those nendoroids.

    Congrats on finding the Rin and Len nendoroids, Makena.

  10. Thank you, nopy.

  11. ur sooooooooooooooooooo cool i yo websites cuz u iz hot nopy u sexy beast

  12. Neko-Chii says:

    Where Do You Can Get Those? :O
    I Love Len & Rin (L).(L)!

  13. @Neko-Chii:
    You can find them at online stores like HLJ, AmiAmi, HobbySearch, and Otacute. If they’re sold out, you can also try Ebay.


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