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Tsukino Azusagawa

September 01, 2008 By: Nopy Category: Figures

Yakitate Japan isn’t one of those anime with much ecchi material, so I guess that’s why Alter decided to make a figure of Tsukino in a swimsuit ^.^

Tsukino is very nicely sculpted, and seeing her in a bikini is a nice change considering she’s almost always fully clothed in Yakitate Japan. If it weren’t for this figure, I would have no idea how nice Tsukino’s curves are :)

I’ve heard that some people think her face doesn’t look right, but I think it looks fine (or maybe it’s been so long since I watched Yakitate that I don’t remember anymore). One of the things I like about this figure is that it can stand on its own so there isn’t really a need for a base, but they included one anyways.

As you can see, the base is a lumpy piece of plastic meant to look like the sand from a beach. It’s not incredibly fancy, but adds a nice touch. I decided to put her on the shelf by my bed because hey, who wouldn’t want to see a girl in a bikini when they wake up.

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