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Taiga Aisaka

September 01, 2008 By: Nopy Category: Figures

To tell you the truth, I got this figure because of the cat. Wanting to buy this figure was also the reason I bought all the other figures that I got last week. One item in the shopping cart just lead to the next and before I knew it I had ordered six figures. That just goes to show how persuasive a cat can be…

Before getting this figure, I didn’t know anything about Tora Dora, which is the manga that Taiga Aisaka is from. I read the first volume a few days ago though, and it has some potential. Will be looking forward to the anime version that will be airing this fall.

Taiga has a lot of hair. I think more PVC went into making her hair than to make the rest of the figure, but I’m not complaining, it looks nice.

Taiga also has a cast-off (removeable clothing) feature that I was not aware of until I got her.

Panty shot…

Here’s a close up of the cat.

Misa was also drawn by the cuteness of Taiga’s cat.

I thought this was a pretty simple figure, but the cat and Taiga’s facial expression made the buy worth it. The figure came with a base that allows Taiga to sit on it, although her left leg doesn’t really fit in properly.

Since I really like the cat and the figure isn’t too fancy, I thought in front of my monitor would be the perfect place for it. It’s nice to look at, but not so nice that it’s distracting (I hope that makes sense).

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2 Comments to “Taiga Aisaka”

  1. its not a cat its a tiger, shes called Taiga (Palm top tiger) for a reason

  2. @kelsie:
    I wrote this way back before the anime aired and the manga had just barely started being translated, so I had no way of knowing it was a tiger. Of course, everyone knows it’s the tennori tiger now.


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